Looking for a job that truely is exotic! Look no further than Platinum West!

Platinum West Columbia is always looking for qualified individuals for all types of positions, including entertainers, servers, bartenders, and security. Use the form to set up an appointment.  A representative will get back to you. Thank you.

Do you have what it takes to become a Platinum West entertainer? Us the form to arrange an interview or come in anytime for an interview.

Want to become a Platinum West server? We are looking for women with server experience who will present our menu and answer questions, take orders and make recommendations, manage tables paying attention to cleanliness and order, issue bills and accept payment, and listen to complaints or problems with a positive attitude.

Are you a seasoned bartender with extensive knowledge of the finest liquors, mixes, and cocktails? Love people and don't mind working late? We have just the job for you! Platinum West bartenders must be proficient in preparing alcoholic beverages for bar and restaurant needs, helping plan and serve bar menu, restocking and replenishing bar inventory, and comply with food and beverage regulations.

Interested in becoming a member of the Platinum West security team?

Key Job Responsibilities:
• Patrols building, parking and/or assigned areas to ensure safety and security for customers and employees.
• Provides customer service and performs general duties.
• Uses proper communication skills.
• Prepares incident reports as requested.
• Maintains appearance and equipment.